Internet Presence Management (IPM)

ipm_imgWe manage, create, and moderate brand and user-generated content for our clients’ social communities. We also monitor and report on industry and competitive trends, campaign initiatives and community optimization.

At AVGN Systems we strive to be faster, smarter, better and more effective. And since every client is unique, so are our solutions: we’re proud not to have a house style. We do our best work with brands and people that have ambitious mandates and share our values and sensibilities: humanity, relevance and a desire for positive contribution.

It’s indisputable that your customers, prospects, employees — well, pretty much everyone — is now using social media to some degree. But when you’re busy running your business, who has time to log into the social networks that you use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Yelp and LinkedIn every time you want to post a single photo, link, coupon or status update?

Use your existing social media pages or let us create them for you, including custom designed branded cover, background, and profile images for all required social networks.
We’ll take the guesswork out of what to share with your social networks by creating relevant content based on your industry and special interests resulting in engaging content for your followers and fans.
When your followers are tweeting, commenting, or sharing with you it’s important to jump in and join the conversation. We’ll provide quick responses to all interactions, resulting in more followers, fans, and likes.

Our team will completely manage your social network postings, interactions and engagement to grow your social following and expand your online presence.

We understand popular and emerging social networks – design, functionality and users.


We also track over 40 local review sites, link sharing and bookmarking platforms:

We monitor what’s being said about your brand on below blogs, news, social networks and in comments. Our sentiment analysis highlights which mentions we should respond to first.

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We measure success & generate detailed reports

We prove the effectiveness of every piece of content you distribute. We track just about everything including clicks, referrers, shares, comments, views and more.

We distribute content to multiple services at once

Using our proprietary software we easily distribute messages to all of your social networks, blogs and mailing lists. We may send now or schedule for later or automatically post from an RSS feed.

We find new customers & grow your following

At AVGN Systems we will automatically find you new customers and grow your following by reaching out to targeted prospects around the world or in your area, while you focus on running your business.

We manage your Social, Email and Mobile contacts

We store consolidated information about your contacts and engage with them across Social, Email and SMS technologies.

Community Strategy

We create, conceptualize, and present social media strategy and integrated marketing campaigns.

  • We direct strategy/planning and creative leads.
  • We communicate and coordinate client service, production and strategy/planning teams ensuring that community strategy supports overall brand goals and objectives.

Management & Moderation

Listening & Reporting

We utilize best in best in breed social analytics tools and generate insights. We also summarize insights and conversations to create actionable, client-facing reports that lead to optimization.
At AVGN Systems we create and maintain content calendars for all social communities, including writing Facebook Status Updates, Tweets, Instagram and Pinterest. We create original branded content for communities.


  • We review user generated comments and post in a quick and timely manner.
  • We respond to comments, when appropriate, in order to foster a positive community and add value to the user’s experience.
  • We enforce the social media guidelines as defined by the brand.
  • We escalate user generated content, where appropriate, to internal and client stakeholders.

Internet Presence Management (IPM) Pricing

Scheduled monthly posts on Facebook Page, Foursquare Page, Google+ Page, LinkedIn Company Page, YouTube Channel (if applicable), Instagram, Pinterest Board, Twitter and Flickr. Includes “x” monthly posts (see pricing for details) per social platform that engage with your existing and potential customers, providing commentary on relevant news topics in your industry and following industry trends.

We offer various subscriptions plans based on how you want to use social data for your business.

Light IPM
Up to 4 Facebook Page Posts
Up to 4 Foursquare Page Posts
Up to 4 Google+ Page Posts
Up to 4 LinkedIn Page Posts
Up to 4 YouTube Channel Posts
Up to 4 Instagram Posts
Up to 4 Pinterest Posts
Up to 4 Twitter Posts
Up to 4 Flickr Posts
Account setup fee: $95
Aggressive IPM
Up to 10 Facebook Page Posts
Up to 10 Foursquare Page Posts
Up to 10 Google+ Page Posts
Up to 10 LinkedIn Page Posts
Up to 10 YouTube Channel Posts
Up to 10 Instagram Posts
Up to 10 Pinterest Posts
Up to 5 Twitter Posts
Up to 5 Flickr Posts
Account setup fee: $195
Dominant IPM
Up to 30 Facebook Page Posts
Up to 30 Foursquare Page Posts
Up to 30 Google+ Page Posts
Up to 30 LinkedIn Page Posts
Up to 30 YouTube Channel Posts
Up to 30 Instagram Posts
Up to 30 Pinterest Posts
Up to 30 Twitter Posts
Up to 30 Flickr Posts
Account setup fee: $295
Custom IPM
Facebook Page Posts
Foursquare Page Posts
Google+ Page Posts
LinkedIn Page Posts
YouTube Channel Posts
Instagram Posts
Pinterest Posts
Twitter Posts
Flickr Posts
Account setup fee: Call