Quality Assurance

q-a-servicesAVGN Systems offers services of Quality Assurance (QA) thereby bringing to perfection every project in which our company is engaged. To put it differently, this service provides various types of quality assurance for software, web and mobile. There are 3 main directions of QA services that we offer:

1) Production: This type of testing is performed for the custom projects developed by our experts.

2) Staff leasing: The service of testing can be performed remotely. If you have the project that requires testing we are ready to offer you our experts.

3) Cloud Cooperation: Within service of cloud staffing we form dedicated teams for every project we work on. Such teams would be incomplete without QA testers.

Tools and Approaches

The nature of projects can be different, therefore the things to be fixed require different approaches:

  • Automated testing is performed by means of a program without human intervention. Our QA experts develop scripts that accelerate the process of testing, raise its efficiency, and notify in case of error occurrence thereby increasing the general quality of test.
  • Functional testing is used for checking whether the product meets the desired specifications and functional requirements stated in the development documentation. Functional testing will prove the quality assurance for web or any other IT product; it will show that the product corresponds with your business idea.
  • Stress testing helps to determine the ability of the program or website to keep a certain level of efficiency under stressful conditions. It also improves stability of the product, e.g. it can make your website endure simultaneous high traffic loads.
  • Usability testing consists in involving users in the process of product testing. It results in important data about the real use of the system which helps to increase its usability level and win customers’ approval.
  • Compatibility testing is used to check the consistency of tested products with certain hard- and software, operating systems and/or network environments.
  • User interface testing is performed to ensure that the interface meets requirements of the users and other elements of tested product. Its aim is to make the product intuitively clear for users by means of various signs, prompts and explanatory messages that help to work with the system.
  • Unit testing is based on local testing of specific components of the source code. It’s a way to ensure their correct behavior before the system integration.
  • Bug tracking system is an application that helps programmers to stick to the reported software bugs in their work.
  • Test-driven development (TDD) is another service of quality assurance for web, software and mobile projects offered by AVGN Systems. The process lies in reiteration of a short development cycle to bring the program code up to standard. It inspires customer and team confidence in completed code as TDD leads to development of clear and simple codes.

The services of quality assurance for software, web and mobile projects at AVGN Systems are provided by the largest department of the company. Our experts do their best to make your projects operate flawlessly. Every idea of yours will be embodied in a final product according to all the requirements and specifications.