Search Marketing Services

Search engine marketing can full under multiple categories such as paid search or AdWords, organic search engine optimization and shopping feed management. With the majority of internet users beginning their hunt for products or services with a search engine being placed on the first page has become more important than ever. Review our search marketing services below and click on a specific service to learn more.


Over 90% of all searches on Google result in a user clicking an organic results.
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Search Marketing FAQ’s

Can I run a paid search and organic search campaign at the same time?
Yes, we encourage our clients to engage in paid search and organic search marketing campaigns. Each type of campaign often focuses on different internet uses and will have different strategies for success.
What percent of visitors click on paid search ads?
A research study concluded that over 70% of search users click on organic listings, not paid listings.
How long will it take to get on the first page of Google?
When running a paid search marketing campaign we can place you on the first page of Google within 24 hours using Google AdWords. An organic campaign takes time and the time depends on many variables. To learn more about your organic search potential, talk with an AVGN Systems representative.