About AVGN Systems

At AVGN Systems, we’ve been about focus since 1998. We’re focused on Design, Coding, SEO, Paid Marketing and Branding (online and off). Focused on rankings. Focused on our clients’ sales. We realize SEO and paid marketing is a specialty and we know it’s a service that a company must take seriously. We don’t merely build informational websites; We build websites that absolutely need to perform, and we’ve had years of experience doing it. We build websites your business can count on to increase your bottom line…websites your CEO will mention at your big end-of-the-year party that, by the way, is twice as big as the previous year. At AVGN Systems, we get excited about bigger parties.

Our Team
We believe it takes great people to build and market great websites. Our team is dedicated to the goal of being an industry-leading digital agency.
We drink a hell of a lot of coffee at AVGN Systems and you should be glad we do! It keeps us designing, coding, managing, SEO’ing, marketing and everything-else’ing as quickly as we possibly can. Hey Starbucks, if you need a new website we’ll trade you for gift certificates!
LocaFound™ + AVGN Systems
We’re excited to announce that LocaFound is joining the Online Marketing team at AVGN Systems. Together, we’re looking forward to offering businesses new and even better ways to get found. You could call LocaFound & AVGN Systems love at first sight.
Want to Join?
We are always looking to bring talented people on our team. Think you have what it takes? Love playing ping-pong (you don’t have to, it’s just a bonus)? Contact us and submit your resume.

While we have an amazing creative team and perform everything from programming to search optimization in-house, we still understand that results are what gets your team excited. Results get people promoted and results allow you to make key hires. We love artistic design as much as the next company, but not when it sacrifices sales. We’re huge fans of innovative development, but not when it gets in the way of functionality. We’ve built hundreds of information and eCommerce websites and focused on client success 8 hours a day. From custom web design to eCommerce website development, our team has experts in every area you need. We’ve helped start-ups…well…start up and we’ve also helped large companies grow even larger. Not many companies can say that.

Contact us today for a free estimate, call us at 1-877-284-6463 to talk with a specialist.

AVGN Systems has become known for custom web applications and websites using the latest in “Web 2.0” technology, to bring customers and visitors to the end goal of purchasing or requesting information. With an analytics-based approach, we gather data to make informed marketing decisions that will create a higher profitability for your business. Creative web development and a friendly staff makes AVGN Systems the perfect agency for all of your web design, eCommerce website design and search engine optimization (SEO) needs. We believe developing a professional website is the first step toward a successful online business, and we understand that marketing your website is just as important to meet your sales goals.

The combination of high-end website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing has allowed us to become a leader in the website development industry.